Dealing with Virtual Reality Risks in K-12 Schools

More and more schools are finding that virtual reality can be what they need in classes to enhance the student experience. With affordable devices such as Google Cardboard and Samsung Gear VR, a growing number of virtual experiences are suddenly available to students everywhere.

Educators have begun experimenting with VR software and virtual reality is making the transition to the classroom. With the growth in technological advancements, VR will play an increasingly prominent role in schools across the USA. Continue reading “Dealing with Virtual Reality Risks in K-12 Schools”

The Rise of AI in Education

Imagine a virtual mentor, that curate educational environment of a child. The AI program helps to monitor the child’s cognitive and emotional development by advising what to wear and how to get to school during morning snowfall. Potentially an augmented-reality device can scribble teacher and student attendance rates, project energy consumption, recommended dietary adjustments and many more.

Artificial intelligence systems and devices can soon regulate the education community. It will take some time to get used to the technological systems and devices that will govern our lives more effectively than local, state, or federal laws. In order to cope with accelerating artificial-intelligence adoption, education leaders and policymakers must begin to consider questions that technological advancements will raise for education. Continue reading “The Rise of AI in Education”

Virtual reality can inspire empathy and strengthen compassion among students

VR has been hovering on the periphery of technology without achieving accepted mainstream application or commercial adoption since the 1950s. But now higher education and K-12 advocates are investing heavily in VR technology. While VR and AR tools are still in the process of development and implementation, in 2018 their use will likely grow, according to the recent Campus Technology report. More important is that now virtual reality can inspire empathy among students. Continue reading “Virtual reality can inspire empathy and strengthen compassion among students”