6 Applications of AI and Chatbots Within the Education Area

Chatbots are already changing the world: from ordering pizza online to helping buy your ticket. Education is known as a sector where innovations move slowly but the time has come for chatbots and AI applications to meet the educational sector. We found 6 ways artificial intelligence and chatbots could have an astounding impact on the whole education industry.

Automatic essay grading

Giving feedback on hundreds of individual written essays is not realistic for teachers. This problem can be solved with a help of artificial intelligence. In 2012 The Hewlett Foundation sponsored a competition between essay grading systems, where innovators were feeding a machine learning algorithm for thousands of essays. The final correlation was 0.81, comparing to human graders. A report from Stanford claimed that researchers increased a correlation to 0.945 on the same data as in the Hewlett competition.

Spaced interval learning

SuperMemo is a learning app, built around the spacing effect. It tracks what you lean and when you learn. With a help of artificial intelligence, the app is able to learn when you are most likely to forget information and remind you to repeat it. This method can be used in colleges and universities, where students often forget everything after exams.

Assessments and student ratings

Student evaluations of teaching are the most valued source of information. Ai-driven chatbots and machine learning can improve the field of teacher-feedback area. Chatbot can be used to collect qualitative feedback and opinions through a conversational interface. Artificial intelligence can also help to interpret data and compare data to improve teaching and share findings throughout the teacher’s community.

AI assistant, Watson

The Georgia Institute of Technology made an experiment and used IBM-backed AI assistant Jill Watson to respond to student inquiries in a fast and accurate way. The results of this experiment and feedback from students were great and Jill Watson is now being implemented in universities across the globe. BI Norwegian Business School in Oslo, Norway is the latest in the list.

The chatbot campus genie

Researchers from the Deakin University in Australia are developing a chatbot from IBM’s supercomputer system, Watson. It will be able to answer questions related to everything a student needs to know about life on campus.

Student-centered feedback

The current education system works like a factory. Factory approach is not ideal as humans are complex and this educational model is outdated. With a help of artificial intelligence, a game can be changed. For example, an AI-driven curriculum can foresee future trouble areas.

We will continue to see a great advancement within the educational sector when it comes to using AI-technology and hopefully, innovations within a sector will move faster.

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Author: AI For Education

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