Education + AI: 5 Most Interesting Startups and Articles in December

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1. Get an Education on Teaching with 3D Printing

2. Why are universities not leading the charge for better thinking?

3. New Yale lab will use virtual reality games to reduce risks in teens

4. AI Boosts Personalized Learning in Higher Education

5. AI teachers will be in classrooms by 2027

6. Ask About AI:The Future of Work and Learning

7. Construction Futures Centre opens in Belmont

8. Canadian Public Sector Making Big Investments In AI Education Creates Virtuous Cycle

9. Microsoft starts own ‘AI University’ to address skills shortage

10. Yavneh students win 14-hour hackathon with educational app


1. ILrnn

iLrnn is India’s first Personalized virtual learning platform facilitating LIVE masterclasses with industry-experts blended with real-time interaction between student peers. Students are put on personalized learning tracks focusing on their weak skills identified using artificial intelligence algorithms. Students also track their own dynamic learning curve and real-time ranks by competing with peers on our gamified leaderboard during a year-long engagement. iLrnn blends together the three essential components of offline learning namely – LIVE interactive learning, real-time collaboration for instant doubt resolution and competition with peers. The difference being on iLrnn a student learns from industry-based expert (instead of local teacher/lecturer) and competes at a global level (rather than just the classroom level).

2. IvyLeague Career Services

IvyLeague Career Services helps students get higher scores on GMAT, SAT, GRE, and IIM-CAT. Startup handhold students in admission process to global MBA, MS and undergraduate programs in the US. Ivyleague Career Services has two lines of products – Test Prep programs and Admission Consulting programs. ILCS not only produces scale-able educational products but will create a system that can create more scale-able products. Customers – UG and PG students in the US and middle east. Indian students applying for admission to programs in US and global business schools.

3. zSpace

Career and Technology Education (CTE) students around the country will now return from the holiday break to learn with immersive AR/VR experiences from zSpace. Recently Silicon Valley education company announced more than 500 school districts, career and technical centers, medical schools, and universities adopted the all-in-one zSpace platform to prepare students for careers in automotive mechanics, welding, health and medicine, as well as science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). As many K-12 schools, colleges and universities are undergoing a new phase of innovation and transformation with the creation of CTE and STEM programs, zSpace unveiled the latest interactive and immersive learning experiences for health science, manufacturing, transportation and agriculture.

4. Aquinas

Aquinas are pioneers in Mobile and Web-based virtual reality for training and education, frequently speaking at conferences and universities about the power of virtual reality to shorten training time, develop superior capabilities and more deeply engage a millennial workforce. As co-organizers of the recent NYVR Expo, as well as numerous hackathons, meetups and other tech events in NY, SF and China, Aquinas bring a network and thought leadership that will be essential to the success of the educational and training initiatives in the Virtual Reality Industrial Park.

Aquinas have recently announced their ground-breaking VR Microsimulations platform that enables employees to experience VR simulations anywhere, in a highly personalized manner. Built on the latest WebVR technology, Microsimulations are the fastest way for Learning and Development departments to deploy and learn about Virtual Reality learning in the workplace.

5. ConsenSys Academy

ConsenSys is a venture production studio building decentralized applications and various developer and end-user tools for blockchain ecosystems, primarily focused on Ethereum. As the executive director of special projects for ConsenSys Systems, one of the leading companies in the blockchain space, Akshi Federici created the ConsenSys Academy.

This division is a blockchain education platform with the mission of bridging the Ethereum knowledge gap and revolutionizing education through blockchain technology. For ConsenSys, this platform responds to an urgent need: the infant Ethereum ecosystem requires a comprehensive education course so that developers can utilize it to build disruptive solutions.

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