Education + AI: 5 Most Interesting Startups and Articles in November

Every month we analyze dozens of new education artificial intelligence, machine learning and augmented reality startups and articles.

This month, in November, we found 6 edtech AI and VR startups to watch and 7 interesting articles to read. Enjoy your reading!


1. Mixed Reality Education Launch in Canada will Revolutionize the Way 100 Million Students Learn English Worldwide

2. Interactive Blocks for Kids Use Mixed Reality to Teach STEM Skills

3. Edtech incubator Injini launches, unveils the eight tech startups in its first cohort

4. Coming soon to some S.C. classrooms: An army of robots to help autistic students learn social skills 

5. We have to rethink what “educated” means in a post-truth world

6. Why we need to start preparing for our robotic future now

7. How Should We Reform Teacher Education?


1. Zeeko

Zeeko wants to equip parents and teachers with the knowledge and tools to protect children online. The startup wants to empower children to make smart decisions to protect themselves online and believe everyone should have a choice about their own data privacy, control and ownership. This month Zeeko announced that it has secured just over €100,000 in funding through the Horizon 2020 SME Innovation Associate Programme.

2. Panorama Education

Based in Boston, Massachusetts, Panorama Education is a data analytics company for K-12 education. They help school districts, charter networks, and state governments conduct surveys of students, parents, teachers, and staff. Their classroom surveys collect feedback about individual teachers, and their school surveys gather data about the school environment and administrators. They believe that stakeholder feedback is a powerful professional development tool, and they believe that stakeholder surveys–when done correctly – make educator evaluation systems more fair and more effective. Recently it raised $16 million from investors including the Emerson Collective and the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, and math and science online solutions provider ExploreLearning acquired IS3D.


3. Yixue Education

The company aims to use artificial intelligence to provide tailored educational programs for each student. The company has worked with SRI Lab at Stanford University to study and employ adaptive learning in its technology. For each topic, Yixue Education’s system provides exercises with different levels and short videos of teachers explaining the topic. Yixue has partnered with more than 100 schools in China. The costs of using Yixue’s technology is 40% of the offline training costs, according to the company. In November it raised $41 million in an angel round from SIG, Nokia Growth Partners, New Oriental Education and Technology Group Inc. and Greenwood Investment, local media reports.

4. Benetech

Benetech is a different kind of tech company. It’s a nonprofit whose mission is to empower communities in need by creating scalable technology solutions. Company’s work has transformed how over 425,000 people with disabilities read; made it safer for human rights defenders in over 50 countries to document human rights violations; and equipped environmental conservationists to protect ecosystems and species all over the world. It just wins a $42.5M Dept. of Education grant. It could continue to operate Bookshare, which provides digitally materials to 500,000 students with reading disabilities, including blindness and dyslexia.

5. The New Model in Technology and Engineering

The New Model in Technology and Engineering (NMiTE) aims to become the first new ‘greenfield’ university in the UK for 30 years, addressing the growing need for engineering talent in sectors such as advanced manufacturing, artificial intelligence and cyber-security. It has announced funding of up to £15million to support the establishment of a new higher education provider specialising in high-quality engineering courses.

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