3 Best EdTech Startups to Watch in September

Every month we keep an eye on the new startups in the field of education that are utilizing the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Computer VIsion (CV). We analyze which ones are more promising and write about them. In September there have been 3 startups that are worth your attention: 

1. Rosey (rosey.io

Rosey is an education platform, created by 3 founders in San Diego, that utilizes artificial intelligence to help teachers grade students’ work faster. Teachers can scan assignments and tests with their phones and get instant grading. Rosey can grade multiple choice, fill in the blank, and free response questions. It also finds patterns among student answers and provides insight into student performance that teachers can use to manage the classroom in a more effective way. Rosey is currently in a private beta phase.

2. AIAR (https://www.aiar.com/)

AIAR claims to be revolutionizing the way people learn and develop skills with its EdTech platform that uses AI to personalize the education process and AR technologies to provide just-in-time knowledge. This startup founded by Rufus Lidman in Stockholm has already attracted about $1mln of investment and is currently open for A-round investment. The first microlearning application of the company Digital Marketing Pro has become the world’s second most downloaded app for learning in digital marketing. It promises to help a user develop a strategic digital marketing mindset in just 10 minutes a day.

3. Imbellus (http://www.imbellus.com/)

Imbellus has a goal to replace traditional standardized education tests and hiring assessments with simulation-based assessments. The company has just registered at Angel.co, but is not as new on the market – it has raised $4 million from Upfront Ventures, Thrive Capital, GLG and Sound Ventures in 2016. Based in Los Angeles, Imbellus is working with CRESST to design tests that assess things like creativity, critical thinking and problem-solving. The company’s main focus is on employee screening and student assessment, particularly in testing cognitive abilities.

This month the overall focus of new startups was mostly on personalized learning and simplified assessment, which highlights the diverse range of AI’s application.

Author: AI For Education

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